Merging Wasteflow with Workflow

2020-09-01T20:58:46+00:00October 17th, 2014|Workplace Solutions|

Ever hear this when trying to start a new program? “I just don’t have the time.” “We just don’t have the space” “There’s just no money for that” “That’s not going to work here, because no one cares” Believe us; we have. In fact, these excuses are the most popular form of resistance. However, none [...]

Reporting Internally and Externally

2020-09-01T20:58:46+00:00October 1st, 2014|Workplace Solutions|

After a baseline and goals have been set, consistent progress reporting becomes necessary. In addition to the various internal audiences to which a project manager will be responsible for reporting, all external audiences and broadcast opportunities should be identified and exploited. Awareness is key to success in sustainability, and reliable, impactful data is an important [...]

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