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America Recycles Day 2013 is planned for November 15th and it’ll be here before you know it; have you taken the pledge to recycle more?  If not, what are you waiting for?  You can do it right now by following this link.  When you do so you will be signed up to receive monthly recycling facts and figures.

This program is brought to us by Keep America Beautiful and is a nationally recognized day to raise awareness about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling 365 days a year.  This year’s theme is Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council’s “I want to be recycled ad campaign launched in July designed to get you thinking about the possibilities for the future when you give your garbage another life.  You can read more about the importance of raising recycling awareness here.

The website provides a multitude of resources for members of the community and event organizers to help spread the word and educate those around them about the importance of recycling not only for the Earth but for the economy as well.  You can find how-to guides for event organizers, activity ideas for participants of all ages, tools to help you reach out to the media, posters and banners for download, and so much more on their toolkit page.  There’s even a tool to help you find an America Recycles Day event near you!

According to KAB, last year 2,065 events were registered by more than 1,500 event organizers with 2.1 million people participating in America Recycles Day events!  That’s outstanding but let’s see if we can get those numbers even higher this year.

Everything you need to plan an event is available right there on the website so let’s all start planning events to educate our friends and neighbors on November 15th.  There are so many possibilities; you can plan a collection event, start a pledge drive, provide an educational session, encourage your local government to proclaim November 15th as America Recycles Day, you can even organize a College Game Day Tailgate event.

In an effort to help increase recycling in our schools, for the 3rd year in a row, KAB will be holding its Recycle Bowl Competition for schools that wish to participate.  You can compete against schools in your area or nationwide and win prizes for those that recycle the most.  You can read all about it here.

Currently the nation has achieved a recycling rate of 34.7% according to the EPA.  This number equates to the amount of energy consumed annually by about 14 million US households each year and it avoids greenhouse gas emissions equal to removing more than 34 million cars from the road each year (KAB).  If we can raise that number even just a little bit the effects could be staggering; as we have been saying all along, every little bit helps.

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Not recycling at work?

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