Blue recycling bin on top of a desk in an office

Business Waste Consulting Services

Start a recycling program in your office building.

Many people spend the majority of their time in the office and as a result our office buildings produce a significant amount of waste and recycling such as paper, food waste, toner, and beverage containers.

Most employees and businesses have adopted environmental policies that include waste reduction and recycling practices, but too often, starting a recycling program in your office can be a bit more complicated than one might expect.

Waste management within an office commercial property may be handled by a tenant’s building manager or owner. Designing and implementing a successful program often requires coordination between management, vendors, and multiple tenants.

Reduction In Motion has worked with many office complexes to engage all parties in developing successful, long-term waste and recycling programs. We work on-site to conduct area-specific assessments, employee training, and program monitoring to meet your goals.

We offer a variety of services and design custom programs to meet the individual needs of your office building, corporate headquarters, or unique business operation. We can support any small or large sized business regardless of your industry or waste streams.

Beyond waste management in your office, we can assess your business’s environmental and carbon footprint and help you design and start a comprehensive sustainability program. We’ll even help you start a green team, so your employees can work together to reduce your environmental impact and increase the wellbeing of your business and community.