Recycle Your Electronics!

September 17th, 2013|Unique Recycling Programs|

Why is recycling old electronics important? In the world we live in today it seems our electronics are outdated before we have even had time to finish setting up the one we just bought.  Electronics consumption is a vicious cycle.  We are constantly bombarded with the newest, flashiest pieces of tech on the market driving [...]

Reuse It!

August 1st, 2013|Unique Recycling Programs|

The 3 'R's are synonymous with being "green".  More and more people are recycling, but reducing and reusing are just as important, if not more so, than recycling.  It's great to recycle, but it's not as great if we're recycling things we didn't need in the first place. The recycling economy has consistently been growing over [...]

Oyster Shell Recycling

July 5th, 2013|Unique Recycling Programs|

Did you know you can recycle oyster shells?  We all know that the health of the Chesapeake Bay has been suffering in recent decades and that includes its oyster population.  Here is a sobering fact: “The Chesapeake Bay has lost more than 99% of its native oyster population and each year continues to lose more [...]

Rain Barrels 101

May 6th, 2013|Unique Recycling Programs|

The 3R's aren't all about trash.  Recycling as much as possible in your curbside bin is a good first step but take your eco-efforts to the next level by reusing rainwater. Installing a rain barrel will help reduce your negative environmental impacts and can cut a few dollars off your water bill.  Plus, they're easy [...]