Does Your Pharmacy Recycle?

June 22nd, 2017|Single-Stream Recycling|

Whether you’re a stand-alone pharmacy or a hospital with multiple internal pharmacies – you’ve got A LOT of boxes and plastic containers. Boxes are perfect to divert as single-stream recycling! We recently rolled out a customized program throughout a large hospital’s pharmacy. Of the 18 workstations that we assessed in the pharmacy, we were able [...]

Understanding Single-Stream Recycling

June 13th, 2013|Single-Stream Recycling|

Single-stream recycling is awesome!  Gone are the days where you have to separate recycling into 7 different bins; single-stream recycling allows you to put many different recyclables into a single curb-side bin. Many counties across the state of Maryland have adopted a form of single-stream recycling, but specific guidelines vary from county to county.  Not [...]