With the last 7 years being the warmest on record, indicating rising sea levels, and the growing Plastic Pacific Garbage Patch, there is no better time to make a personal “Green Resolution” this New Year’s! Below are 22 Eco Friendly Tips for New Year’s Resolutions to jumpstart your journey into personal sustainability and addressing climate change. In 2022, pledge to do the following:

Eco Friendly Tips for your Home

1. Transition from plastic to only reusable bottles
2. Use reusable or canvas bags for both grocery and normal shopping
3. Switch to bar soap instead of plastic soap bottles
4. Utilize cloths and old cut up t-shirts for cleaning
5. Try beeswax covers for preserving leftover food
6. Utilize wool dryer balls in lieu of disposable dryer sheets

Tips to Save Energy

7. Determine if your household provider has a “Green Utilities” option, sourcing energy from alternative and renewable sources
8. Switch all lights to LED, as they are 95% more energy effective!
9. Use the “cold water” setting during laundry wash loads
10. Mitigate AC use in summer, heat during winter, and turn off air during neutral months with a smart thermostat
11. Investigate placing solar panels on roof of house or in outdoor areas (i.e., garden, backyard, etc.)

Green Tips for Getting Around

12. Choose to walk whenever feasible, as it’s great for the environment and your health!
13. Utilize public transportation such as buses, trains, or shuttles
14. Seek out carpool opportunities with co-workers, families, and friends
15. Invest in an electric or hybrid vehicle

Sustainable Food Tips

16. Begin collecting food scraps in your fridge, freezer, or outdoor bin and take to a compost drop-off location to reduce household waste!
17. Purchase whole produce and foods rather than packaged, prepared items
18. Incorporate more plant-based meals into diet and follow Meatless Mondays
19. Shop local at Farmer’s Markets, family farms, or butcher stores
20. When ordering take-out, request paper napkins and plastic utensils be removed
21. Start a garden or if constrained to apartment, grow potted herb plants

Still curious about how you or your business can make a positive impact?

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