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Food Waste Consulting for your Food Services Operation

About one-third of all waste is organic. Food Service Operations know this all too well with rates as high or higher than 60%. Reducing organic waste saves money and improves environmental impact. 

Food waste reduction strategies ensure restaurants and food production operations conserve time, costs, and resources…but at the end of the day for many food businesses, organic waste is a part of business.


Given the shear volume of organic waste in landfills, food waste bans or compost mandates are becoming more commonplace. If your business needs or wants to start a composting program, we can help.


By starting with a waste audit, you will know how much organic waste your business generates and identify waste diversion and reduction strategies. Reduction In Motion has worked with different types of food service operations to implement organic waste management plans that promote food donation, composting and reducing over-production.


There are a number of software tools out there to help drive your program, but your business will also need the same waste management system principles that any other business needs…the right containers, hauling contracts, data tracking, process monitoring, and education for both staff and customers. We can help with all of that including evaluating of the right food waste reduction software for you.