Happy Earth Day from Reduction In Motion!  Make every day Earth Day by following a few simple steps:

  1. Look up your local municipality’s recycling guidelines and make sure to recycle at home.  Don’t rely on just one recycling bin; make a couple available around the house to make recycling easier for the whole family.
  2. When changing wardrobes for the summer, bag up those winter clothes you no longer wear and donate them.Â
  3. Do a quick internet search to find local farmers’ markets near you and check them out.Â
  4. Make it a habit to use your reusable water bottle and grocery bags.Â
  5. Grow something.  Even with the smallest of spaces, you can grow something to eat this summer.  Start simple with a windowsill box of lettuce or herbs.

Today and everyday, we’re helping our clients and community incorporate these and other eco-friendly habits into their daily routines.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.Â

A special Happy Earth Day to the students of Youth’s Benefit Elementary School.  This morning Bill stopped by to wish them personally and share how easy it is to be an eco-hero through the 3R’s, https://www.facebook.com/ReductionInMotion.