Regulated medical waste, trash, and other waste stream containers in an OR

Medical Waste Consulting Services

Ensure proper waste disposal to promote the health and well-being of your patients, staff, community, and environment.


Regulated medical waste is one of the most expensive types of trash, and medical waste disposal is heavily regulated. Those red biohazard bags are budget busters…they cost up to 17 times more than general trash or recycling.


Reduction In Motion has been ‘talking trash’ with healthcare facilities for 20 years. We have extensive field experience in designing and facilitating waste management programs for healthcare facilities. We will ensure that your medical waste is managed in an efficient, safe, cost-effective and environmentally-sound manner.


Our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical waste disposal and established long-term sustainable programs that have won more than 130 sustainability awards. Few medical waste consulting firms can claim that.


We’ll follow a systematic process that starts with a comprehensive audit of your operation resulting in a comprehensive waste management plan that we’ll help you execute by providing on-site support. Our medical waste consulting services include data analysis, best practice implementation, staff training, hauler management, facility-wide monitoring, and anything else necessary to ensure you reach your waste diversion and recycling goals.


Healthcare Case Study

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