The 3R’s aren’t all about trash.  Recycling as much as possible in your curbside bin is a good first step but take your eco-efforts to the next level by reusing rainwater.

Installing a rain barrel will help reduce your negative environmental impacts and can cut a few dollars off your water bill.  Plus, they’re easy to install!  In fact, there are literally hundreds of rain barrels that you can buy today with a simple online search.  If you’re the creative type, consider designing your own barrel by checking out the Maryland Green Building Program’s step-by-step process.  Many of our employees operate or have plans to install rain barrels on their homes.  Whether watering the garden, filling the pond, or washing the lawnmower, there are plenty of ways they find uses for the rainwater they collect.

If you’re a business owner, a couple rain barrels may work for you depending on the size of your building.  Large facilities should consider rainwater harvesting systems.  These systems vary in complexity and can contribute in several ways towards LEED certification.