Free Trash Consultation

We LOVE talking trash, do you? Call us today and we can do it together. We will provide a free consultation and initial assessment to help you understand what you are throwing away and where to throw it, as well as find you sustainable waste management solutions and help you track all of your waste streams. We have clients of all sizes with some generating over 12,000,000 pounds per year across more than 30 waste streams. From point of generation to collection methods till the waste leaves the facility, we know regulations and best practices and will tailor waste stream solutions to fit your unique needs.

Trash happens. Let us find the solution for your waste stream management to relieve your headache. You can save money, reduce your environmental impact, and promote the health and well-being of your employees with our focus on point of generation till waste leaves the facility.


Do you “know where to throw”? Single-stream recycling has revolutionized the recycling industry but the rules aren’t the same everywhere, which causes confusion and often contamination. As sustainability consultants, we’ve been designing and implementing successful recycling programs for more than 15 years. We will work with you to develop simple, clear and effective recycling strategies that include container selection, maps, and signage. Let us handle your recycling frustrations so you can focus on the things that are important to you.


Organic waste, food waste, or compost is becoming more popular across the country to divert from landfills. Some states have started enacting food waste bans for commercial facilities. We will design user-friendly waste stream solutions to divert organic material from your trash. There are many options: offsite comings, bio-digesters, aerobic digestion, and composting for soil amendment. Don’t wait to forced into compliance with new laws and mandates. Let us help you eliminate unnecessary food waste or find an outlet for overproduced food.


Don’t let your regulated medical waste or ‘red bag waste’ create red flags at your facility. Make regulated medical waste minimization your number one priority to cut operating budget, reduce your impact on the environment while promoting public health. We’ll establish a baseline and help you implement a red bag reduction program that will help you achieve the industry-wide recognized goal of less than 10% regulated medical waste while remaining in compliance with OSHA, state and facility guidelines.


Have you looked at your dumpster ‘out back’ collecting construction and debris material? Some construction materials can offset the cost of your other trash or recycling programs. Contact us to connect you with the proper vendors and recovery sites to create policies and procedures to meet LEED requirements for construction and debris reclamation. Even if you’re worried about space, there’s a variety of options to help you divert this material successfully and build a better commitment to the environment.


“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Would you like to help others? A key step in working to reduce your negative impact on the environment is to always choose to reuse rather than throw away, whenever possible. With proper planning and timing, our sustainability consultants can help you organize a program to reuse, donate or resell items such as furniture, saving money on your disposal fees and possibly making money for your organization while linking in community benefits.