Bill Griffith giving a presentation about Reduction In Motion

Custom Waste Training and Management Systems

Waste happens. Every person and business produces it and we all must do our part to reduce its environmental impact.  Waste training and management systems are vital to success.

For a waste management plan to be successful, custom waste training must be given to all waste generators and haulers within your business or facility. Reduction In Motion specializes in developing and delivering custom waste training and management program solutions.

Waste training, communication, and education are key to our clients achieving award-winning waste diversion and recycling results over the past 20 years. We have developed several proven techniques for increasing employee awareness and engagement around waste management and environmental stewardship.

We are experts in helping you drive the cultural change necessary within your business to achieve your desired waste and sustainability goals. But beyond training and engagement, a sound waste management system is needed to ensure awareness, engagement, best practices, and ultimately results are maintained.

We build custom waste programs for each client based on your unique needs. Our programs include waste audits, policies, best practices, training, recycling bins, waste equipment, data tracking, ongoing monitoring, and everything else necessary to ensure compliance, efficiency, cost-savings, and reduced environmental impact.

Our programs are proven and have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars saved and hundreds of awards received for our clients. We are different than other waste consulting firms because we work for you the entire time.

We are not a waste broker who cuts deals with haulers, a waste hauler who wants to hook you into a contract, or a recycling bin manufacturer who wants to upsell you on their new line of recycling containers. We are your partner who will be with you on-site through every step to ensure you reach your environmental and recycling goals.

We offer free waste consultations to any business. Contact us today to see how we can help you design a custom waste training and management system.