Blue recycling totes outside of an apartment complex

Waste Management Consulting Services for Colleges and Universities

With so many passionate staff and students, campuses are a great place to inspire environmental engagement and achieve big goals like zero waste.

But with a mix of multi-use buildings…colleges and universities are microcosms of modern urban areas and require a city-sized waste management program to achieve long-term sustained success.

Different unique tactics must be deployed for the dorms, food services, office, classroom, athletic, and other areas of the campus while still maintaining a unified strategy throughout. Training and communication are vital to the success of any waste management program but especially with so many stakeholders and use-areas present.

Data drives everything, even waste management, but waste data is notoriously frustrating to collect and interpret, especially when you are a campus with different buildings and hauling equipment. Waste invoices also only go so far. Every organization and business needs to do a waste audit to determine the true composition of their waste stream and to set realistic waste diversion goals, but waste audits at campuses must be well-planned to account for such an array of buildings and stakeholders.

We at Reduction In Motion have decades of experience working with large quantity generators to create and execute comprehensive waste management programs to take control of complex waste streams in an efficient, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally-sound manner.

We have worked with environmental and sustainability champions on campuses to help them on their journey to zero waste and have a service package designed specifically for campuses.