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The TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) certification is for companies and organizations that are ready to take their operations to a zero-waste level.

Zero-waste status is achieved once an organization reaches and maintains a 90% waste diversion rate for a 12-month period. Waste diversion means directly or indirectly recycling, reusing, or reducing waste – preventing it from ending up in a landfill or incinerator.

Common waste diversion methods include cardboard recycling, single-stream recycling, donating, composting, battery recycling, and relying on reusable supplies.

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Reduction In Motion approach simplifies the process with four steps

1. Assess

Conduct a Comprehensive Audit

2. Analyze and Compare

Generate a Gap Analysis

3. Plan

Create and actionable plan with detailed steps and metrics.

4. Execute

Ensure each step of the plan is completed and documented.

What’s more – our TRUE certification advisors will be with you along the way to make sure the journey toward zero-waste is as quick and smooth as possible.

Meet Our TRUE Advisors

Kelsey Welliver Headshot Picture

kelsey welliver

During her 12 years at Reduction In Motion, Kelsey has spent much of her time working with client stakeholders to implement programs, train staff, and facilitate change through engagement and education.

Zach Hetrick

With thirteen years of experience in waste and sustainability program implementation, Zach served as a program facilitator at Reduction In Motion from 2010 to 2014. He rejoined the company in 2020 after leading a corporate sustainability program for the previous five years.

Zach Hetrick Headshot Picture
Bill Griffith Reduction In Motion

Bill Griffith

Bill has worked in the trash industry for over 30 years and began Reduction In Motion after realizing that organizations could use help implementing waste management systems that would minimize cost by improving efficiency and waste diversion. Bill believes that sustainability starts with the trash can and establishing a solid foundation of waste and recycling can lead to a sustainable transformation across any business.

Lindsay Coats

Since graduating in May 2023, Lindsay has worked with clients to implement, monitor, and improve programs focused on reducing waste and improving their sustainability. 

Lindsay Coats Headshot
Ben Archacki Headshot

Ben Archacki

With a passion for sustainability, I have helped organizations implement and improve sustainability programs and practices since graduating college in 2023.

Looking for a True Advisor?

Reduction In Motion is your resource and support for waste reduction and diversion if your organization is ready to take its next step toward sustainable operations today!