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Waste Consulting Services

Waste Stream Management Solutions for your Workplace

Trash happens. Let us find the solution for your waste stream management to relieve your headache. You can save money, reduce your environmental impact, and promote the health and well-being of your employees with our focus on point of generation till waste leaves the facility.

Operating Room Waste collection

Healthcare Waste Solutions

Let your medical waste problem be our problem. Regardless of your facility type, from small medical office buildings to large multi-hospital health systems, we have the waste solutions you’re looking for. Your negative environmental impact can be reduced while you focus on promoting health. How? We’ll help establish a program to ensure proper collection from the point of generation until it leaves your facility and we’ll include all areas, from labs to patient care areas, with no work interruption!

Waste Bin setup outdoors of trash, paper, newspaper, and plastic containers

Higher Education Waste Solutions

Colleges and universities provide higher education on thousands of topics, and we can always learn more. Why not educate your institution on better sustainability practices? “Reduce, reuse and recycle” is just the beginning of the sustainability course that Reduction in Motion can instruct you through and help you earn that 4.0 that you are striving to achieve.

Office desks with a green recycling bin

Office & Commercial Waste Solutions

Office and commercial environments can recycle 75% of the waste generated desk-side! All it takes is knowledge, training and employee engagement. Your size and operations aren’t an issue. The key to success is a partner like us who understands your unique needs and goals to make it a reality. If you simply want to start a recycling program or if you are looking to achieve zero waste, we’ll roll up our sleeves to design, implement, and monitor customized waste stream solutions that will achieve your goals without interrupting your workflow.

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Stadium & Event Solutions

What do events with thousands of guests create? A whole lot of trash! However, your large events don’t need to be trash nightmares. All you need is a partner like us to help you understand the proper management of waste generated at your events. We’ll help set up a program and work with your staff to increase recycling to minimize waste generated while maximizing guest satisfaction. We are the waste and sustainability consultants to turn your waste flow challenges into new and innovative waste stream solutions.

Inside of a commercial kitchen

Food Service Solutions

Whether you are fast food or farm to table, let us “cook up” a menu for your waste management program. We will help you by starting a program today, perfecting your sustainability program and can prepare you for tomorrow’s changing environmental landscape, such as the food waste generator bans and other regulations. Our program and training will be designed to align with your workflow while diverting waste from the landfill by collecting recycling and organics, thereby lessening your negative environmental impact.

Staff Waste Training

Sustainability Solutions

 Not only do we talk trash, we talk SUSTAINABILITY, too. We can help develop or reinvigorate your sustainability programs so you can incorporate sustainability into your daily operations through our education and on-site program support. The success of your program in large part rests on the support of your staff and our professional trash talkers know how to get employees excited and engaged; they conduct more than 400 educational events every year. Let us organize your Green Team and get you recognized and awarded for your efforts.

Waste being separated in a waste audit

Waste Audit Services

Not sure where to start? Maybe you have zero waste goals but just getting started or have had a recycling initiative for a while but need to improve it, a waste audit is a great place to start! On top of waste sorts to determine the composition, missed opportunities, and contamination of your waste stream profile, our waste auditors will assess your entire waste management system including polices, separation strategies, hauling services, data tracking, and education.

Auditorium with staff learning about Waste Education

Waste Management Training

Designing and implementing an effective waste management system must include effective and sustained employee awareness, education, and engagement. Our waste management consultants can design and deliver a custom set of waste management training and communication tools including container labels, dock signs, staff in-services, educational handouts, and more.

Staff Waste Training

Waste Data Tracking Services

Accurately collecting all of your waste data is hard enough. Making sense of it or tracking it in a way that is useful makes waste data management even more frustrating. Our team has been reviewing waste invoices for two decades and can build you tracking processes and reports that help you measure your waste reduction and diversion strategies.  We’ll also make sure you’re properly getting billed and serviced by comparing your waste invoices to your hauler contracts.