waste hauling contract support

Are you out of contract for waste hauling services? Do you want to know how to get out of your waste contract? Are you getting the service you want? Are your waste hauling invoices difficult to interpret? Do you know what you’re getting charged for?


Reduction In Motion is not a waste hauler or broker, but we’ve been helping businesses improve waste management for 20 years. We can help you interpret your waste contract and work with your haulers to improve your service, control costs, or ensure right-sized equipment

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Write a strong Waste Hauling RFP

Or we can help you get out of your waste hauling contract and write a strong request for proposal for waste hauling services based on your unique waste generation and operational needs.

One of your biggest challenges may be first understanding the waste hauling equipment and service needs at all your sites. We can help with that. We’ll also evaluate your existing waste management system to ensure the equipment, service, and fees are aligned with your unique waste profile.

We can help get your request for information to all the right waste haulers in your area, and since we are vendor neutral, we can help you evaluate their proposals to ensure their equipment, service schedules, and fees are in your best interest.

Don’t let a bad waste contract hold you back. Reach out today and let us help.

Make your waste hauling contract work for you

Get Incentivized to Separate and Reduce Waste

Don't settle for a flat fee contract or other integrated waste stream solutions. When you're not billed for the actual waste you generate then you're not incentivized to reduce waste or divert recycling.

Control Costs

Don't settle for escalating fees or random charges.

Ensure Transparency and Accountability

Waste billing methods can be unclear. They don't have to be. Write transparent billing and invoicing language into your contract.

Improve Environmental Impact

If your waste hauler isn't committed to sustainability, it can hinder your ability to reduce and divert waste. The right compactors can increase recycling and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from hauling trucks.

Maximize Efficiency

Get the right-sized hauling equipment and service for your operations and waste streams.

Mandate Reporting

Waste reporting can be incredibly difficult if the right data isn't provided monthly by your hauler.