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Waste happens. Don’t let it be a problem for your business. Create a waste management system tailored to your business with training and programs that improve your operations, control costs, and reduce environmental impact.

For a waste management plan to be successful, waste training should engage all waste generators and handlers within your facility. Reduction In Motion specializes in developing and delivering custom waste training and management program solutions.

A waste management program assessment is always the first step our team takes to benchmark your current waste management programs and identify waste reduction and waste diversion opportunities that your organization should include in its zero waste management plan and zero waste training.

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We are experts in helping you drive the change necessary within your business to achieve your desired waste and sustainability goals. We have developed several proven techniques for increasing employee awareness and engagement around waste management and environmental stewardship. But beyond training and engagement, a sound waste management system is needed to ensure results are achieved.


We build custom waste programs for each client based on your unique needs. An effective waste management plan includes waste audits, policies, best practices, training, recycling bins, waste equipment, data tracking, and ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance, efficiency, cost-savings, and reduced environmental impact.


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The Reduction In Motion crew is awesome. They're very knowledgeable about waste reduction and overall waste compliance. They offer in-services and staff training which is a huge plus. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Materials Supervisor
Medical Center

Reduction In Motion does a great job at educating our hospital employees, especially our Environmental Services staff. They offer exceptional support with our sustainability initiatives.

EVS Manager