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Food Waste Reduction Services

Food waste reduction strategies ensure restaurants and food industry operations conserve time, costs, and resources…but at the end of the day for many food and beverage businesses, organic waste is a part of business.


We have 15 years of experience implementing food reduction, recovery, and composting programs. Let's find the right mix of solutions for you.

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The challenge

Organic Waste is Everywhere

About one-third of all waste is organic. Food and Beverage Businesses know this all too well with rates as high or higher than 60%. Separating organic or food waste can be challenging without the right source separation strategy. Food service businesses need different organic waste separation strategies than food manufacturing, production or retail facilities.


legislative response

food waste bans

With organic or food waste accounting for over 25% of what is disposed into landfills daily, States, Counties and Cities across the United States are implementing landfill bans on any organic or food waste from certain businesses. For some companies, how to separate food waste is easier said than done. If your business needs to start a composting program, we can help.


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The Solution

A Food Waste Management System

Every food business needs a food waste management system if they are going to separate food waste effectively and control disposal costs. A well-designed system includes the right containers, hauling contracts, data tracking, process monitoring, and education for both staff and customers.

We can help you design a food waste reduction and recycling program. We'll start with a food waste audit to determine how much organic waste is generated and the right reduction and diversion strategies for your business.

Client Testimonials

I have worked with Reduction In Motion for many years in the waste industry and feel that, as a company, they are among the very best at what they do. If your company is looking for the most efficient way to reduce your waste, from [that] which comes in the front door to what goes out the back door, their highly qualified experts can help you. They "talk trash" and they do it better than just about anyone.

Account Executive
Waste Hauling Service Provider

The Reduction In Motion team has been great partners in managing our sustainable efforts, especially our Green Team and Farmer's market. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to waste reduction.

Sustainability Coordinator