More than other waste audit companies

We are different than other waste audit companies in that our approach is informed by our experience working alongside companies to implement waste management programs. Since 2010, our team has completed over 300 waste audits.

We can design a custom audit for your company whether you're looking for a waste characterization study, LEED waste audit, TRUE waste audit, visual waste audit, or waste data and hauling audit.

Because of our experience, we can provide more than a waste sort. Our team can assess and provide recommendations for aspects of our waste management plan from bins, dumpsters, hauling, training, signage, policies, and programs.

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Waste Sorts with Program Assessment and Action Planning

A waste audit can be beneficial for any company whether they want to achieve zero waste or are wondering how to start a recycling program. A waste audit can be used to complete an initial waste characterization study, identify future initiatives, or meet certification or reporting requirements.


Depending on the how you are billed for waste hauling and your associated waste hauling equipment, there may be no other way than a waste audit to accurately measure the amount of waste you generate. Beyond current waste generation, our audits will identify recycling contamination rates and other missed waste diversion opportunities.


Beyond waste sorting, we can design a waste assessment that evaluates the waste plans and policies, trash and recycling containers, compactors and dumpsters, staffing and waste handling procedures, waste training, etc. and provide a waste audit report that helps you make the changes necessary to improve waste diversion and recycling.


When it comes to the style of waste audit, we have experience with different techniques and will recommend the right audit for your goals. Here are some examples of different types of audits we can complete:

  • If your organization is pursuing LEED certification, we can design a LEED approved waste audit.
  • If your organization is pursuing TRUE certification, we can design a TRUE approved waste audit. We also have TRUE certified zero waste advisors who can help you with other aspects of the TRUE zero waste certification.
  • If your organization is looking how to measure the success of a new recycling initiative, we can design a series of targeted waste audit samplings over time to establish a baseline and show progress.
  • If your organization is looking how to complete a waste characterization study, we can design a set of targeted waste audits to identify the waste profile of different buildings, departments, or pieces of your operation.

We have completed audits for small office buildings, entire university campuses, healthcare facilities, food producers, restaurants, and sports stadiums. Since 2010, we have completed over 300 waste audits.

what a good waste audit will tell you

Current Waste Profile

You will know how much waste is generated, what is the recycling rate, and what waste streams are present.

Common items in the waste stream

You will know which items are most common in the waste streams you generate.

Trash and Recycling Contamination

You will know how much recycling is contaminated with trash and how much missed recycling opportunity is in the trash.

waste program effectiveness

You will know the effectiveness of your current waste separation program and what actions should be taken to improve recycling and overall waste diversion.

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