Sustainability Consulting Services

Every business has an impact on the environment. We offer an array of environmental sustainability consulting services to help you on your sustainability journey.


Environmental sustainability programs have evolved from starting a recycling program to becoming a core pillar of a business's operations.

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Sustainability requires a team

Each business’s impact on the environment is unique, and so for its sustainability program to be effective, it must be unique to its operation and stakeholders. While the core principles of many sustainability programs are similar… energy and water conservation, waste diversion and recycling, green building, supply chain management, carbon footprint reduction, environmental education, etc. … developing the right-sized program with adequate goals, policies, and plans can prove challenging.


Well-built environmental sustainability programs conserve costs, increase employee satisfaction, improve efficiency and safety, boost marketing, and ensure long-term business resilience in addition to improving environmental impact and community stewardship.


Regardless of the existence or size of your environmental sustainability department, everyone in your organization plays a role in its journey to sustainability. So, effective interdepartmental coordination and employee engagement are paramount to success.  Reduction In Motion has been helping organizations establish green teams and build business sustainability programs for over a decade.


Whether you are looking for support on one specific project or developing a comprehensive program, we can help. We have experience supporting projects like Earth Day events, Farmers Markets, Community Gardens, Waste Reduction Initiatives, Native Gardens, Tree Plantings, Environmental Education, and much more.

How we can help your sustainabilty team

Sustainability Auditing and Reporting

Our team can benchmark your current sustainability efforts, identify opportunities, and meet any internal or external reporting requirements.

Policy and Team Development

Our team can write an effective sustainability policy for you and help recruit and grow a green team to carry out a sustainability plan.

Initiative Facilitation

Our team can empower your staff to achieve big goals through proven best practices.

Certification and Recognition

Certify and celebrate your accomplishments! Use sustainability certifications, awards, and grants to inspire your team and market your organization.

Let's Talk About Obtaining your Sustainability Goals

Do you want to talk to our team about sustainability and goal setting?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to start the conversation.


The sustainability consultants at Reduction in Motion truly are professional trash talkers, and really do change the way you think about trash. The service they provide is not only good for the environment, it's good for your bottom line.

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The Reduction In Motion team provided sustainability consulting for my company. We had to achieve a diversion rate and they helped us do so. We no divert almost 40% more than just two years ago.

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