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Medical Waste Management Consulting

Every healthcare facility should separate waste properly to promote the health and well-being of their patients, staff, community, and environment.


We can help by building programs that empower your team to improve waste separation, safety, costs, and sustainability.

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The challenge

Medical Waste Regulations & Costs

Regulated medical waste (RMW) is one of the most expensive types of trash, and medical waste disposal is heavily regulated. Those biohazard red bags can be budget busters…costing up to 17 times more than general trash or recycling.


Aside from cost, staff must be well trained to separate and handle regulated medical waste safely and efficiently. Everyone plays a role in waste management and must be represented when designing red bag reduction programs that reduce costs and meet industry-recognized benchmarks.

The solution

Custom Waste Plan and Education

Reduction In Motion has been ‘talking trash’ with hospitals for 20 years. We have extensive field experience in designing and facilitating waste management programs driven by custom education and best practices that empower everyone to do their part.


We’ll follow a systematic process that starts with a comprehensive audit of your operation resulting in a waste management plan.  We can help you turn that plan into a waste management system by providing the right on-site support.


Our medical waste management services include data analysis, best practice implementation, staff training, hauler management, facility-wide monitoring, and anything else necessary to ensure you reach your waste reduction, diversion, and recycling goals.


If your healthcare facility wants to take control of their waste, let's start with an audit to see how you compare to industry best practices and metrics.

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The results

30% Cost Reduction

When a medical center commits to reducing regulated medical waste and increasing waste diversion, they make a commitment to improving costs and their impact on the planet.


Our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on medical waste disposal and established long-term sustainable programs that have won 200 sustainability awards.

Client Testimonials

These people are all awesome. It's obvious that their heart and soul are in everything that they do. I am so fortunate to have partnered with them during my time at the Hospital.

Program Manager
Hospital System

I’ve worked with Reduction In Motion at a large healthcare facility for several years now. The team is always professional, positive, and provides an invaluable service to our waste reduction efforts. They use a methodical and sensible approach in their work and are extremely accountable. Reduction In Motion goes above and beyond, and I highly recommend them if you’re seeking an organized company for waste management solutions.

OR Nurse Manager and Sustainability Coordinator
Medical Center

Our team is ready to help you

No waste or sustainability goal is too big and no challenge too daunting for our team! Let us hear what you want to accomplish, and we'll help you get there!

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