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In our trash talking blog, we write about trends, tips, and issues in the waste and environmental sustainability world. We hope you'll find something useful to help your company be more sustainable. If you want us to explore something or ask a question, contact us!

LEED Waste Audit Process and Examples

By The Team | October 14, 2022
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A waste audit is an examination of how waste is currently disposed to determine opportunities for improving waste reduction and diversion efforts such as recycling, composting, donation, reuse, and environmentally preferred purchasing. There are different ways to design a waste audit depending on your goals, operations, and resources. A LEED waste audit must follow specific…

America Recycles Day Ideas Reduction In Motion

America Recycles Day Ideas

By The Team | October 13, 2022
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America Recycles Day is November 15th, and it’s right around the corner. This is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness about recycling! If you or your small business are looking for last minute America Recycles Day ideas, our team has celebrated in a variety of ways. Here are some of our most successful celebrations:  Engagement…

Composting Facility Site Tour

Different Composting Methods

By The Team | October 12, 2022
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(Photo taken on tour at Veteran Compost) Reduction In Motion has over 20 years of helping companies reduce waste and make sustainability possible. We wrote this blog to help you understand different composting methods for organic waste. To answer ‘what is compostable’ or ‘what isn’t compostable’, often depends on the composting method used. Some compostable…

Washington DC Battery Recycling

DC Zero Waste Omnibus 2022 – Battery Recycling

By The Team | September 23, 2022
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With the enactment of the DC Zero Waste Omnibus Amendment, a new easy and FREE DC battery recycling program will be made available to residents and businesses for ALL types of batteries: rechargeable batteries (such as lithium, nickel, and small sealed lead acid) and single use batteries (alkaline and lithium buttons).  Before you panic about…

TRUE Advisors TRUE Certification Reduction In Motion

TRUE Certification Advisors

By The Team | September 7, 2022
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TRUE certification is a zero waste certification program dedicated to measuring, improving and recognizing zero waste performance. Reduction In Motion has certified TRUE advisors on staff that can guide you through the certification process regardless of where you are at in your zero waste journey. We can start with an waste assessment that results in…

dc zero waste omnibus reduction in motion

DC Zero Waste Omnibus Act 2020

By The Team | August 22, 2022
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The District of Columbia has made major strides in passing legislation focused on litter prevention over the past few decades in effort to achieve their zero-waste goal of 80% diverted from landfill/incineration by 2032. A few notable efforts range from recycling requirements for businesses to bans on a variety of single-use items causing major litter…

Environmental Services Week EVS

Environmental Services Week Celebration Ideas

By The Team | August 15, 2022
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Environmental Services Week, according to AHA, “is a time to show appreciation for the dedicated EVS personnel that ensure health care facilities across the country are clean, safe places for patients, their families and other staff members.” Here are 3 simple ways to introduce sustainability into your celebrations for Environmental Services week which runs September…

grant money

Missouri Waste Management Grant Information

By The Team | August 12, 2022
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Missouri Waste Management Grants are vital sources of financial support for any group’s environmental initiatives. Local, state, and federal funding is often available specifically for certain types of environmental projects that help the government reach their own legislative goals. For organizations within Missouri who are interested in starting or expanding a waste reduction project, the…

Marketing Sustainability to College Students Composting

Marketing Sustainability to College Students

By The Team | July 19, 2022
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What makes Colleges and Universities marketable? Is it having newly renovated dormitories, a quality curriculum, or instantly recognizable prestige? The majority of leaders in Higher education are asking this question and are now worried about their institution’s marketability and bubbling competition between schools, according to a survey by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the…

zero waste is possible reduction in motion

Zero Waste Is Possible

By The Team | July 15, 2022
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Your company can achieve zero waste with the right mindset, strategy and support. Reducing waste is good for the planet and your business. Defining Zero Waste Zero waste is a systematic approach to rethinking the ways in which waste is generated and works to reduce overall waste generation via individual behaviors as well as large-scale…