Embracing Innovation and Sustainability at Waste Expo 2024

Waste Expo 2024

The Waste Expo 2024 has once again set the stage in Las Vegas for groundbreaking innovations and sustainable practices in waste management. This year’s expo is just getting started, and here are two vendors that showed their unique twist on how they hope to transform the industry.

Here’s a closer look at two items that piqued our interest today.

Zero-Waste Culinary Delights by Chef Dylan


Chef Dylan from the Las Vegas Convention Center introduced us to a zero-waste approach that turns kitchen scraps into culinary treasures. During the expo, Chef Dylan demonstrated how every waste expo becomes an opportunity to serve a sustainable three-course meal made entirely from leftovers, including vegetable skins and meat trimmings. This initiative reduces waste and creatively reuses resources to provide delicious, sustainable meals for attendees.


The food compost generated from these meals doesn’t go to waste either. It’s transported to Terra Firma (http://nevada.terrafirmaorganics.com/)—Las Vegas’s premier compost facility. Discussions are ongoing about using this compost to nurture a garden at the World Market Center, showing a full-circle sustainability model that could set a precedent for large facilities everywhere.

Revolutionizing Waste Management with G-Press



On the technological front, Alex introduced the G-Press, a powerful waste compression device that is changing how businesses manage their refuse. This innovative machine reduces the waste volume by compressing it with a significant compression ratio of 4 to 1. It’s not just for solid waste; the G-Press can also extract juice from fruits like apples, demonstrating versatility and efficiency.

Designed for easy operation, the G-Press runs on 110 power and requires only two hands to operate. By significantly reducing the physical space needed for waste, it helps businesses reduce the number of bins required and the frequency of waste disposal, making it an essential tool for efficient waste management.

Clean Composting’s Innovative Kitchen Solution Unveiled


Clean Compost

Michelle from Clean Composting Company introduced an innovative composting solution designed for ease and convenience in household waste management. Dubbed the “Clean Compost Collector,” this product is a kitchen countertop compost bin that can hold food scraps for up to a week. Although reusable collection containers are often the standard, this offers a unique compostable option for those with limitations on upkeep and cleaning of reusable collection bins. The entire container is impressively compostable, crafted from 100% pre-consumer paper pulp. Michelle highlighted that the product is available in a four-pack, making it an accessible option for eco-conscious consumers looking to contribute to environmental sustainability by minimizing food waste.

Prolitec at Waste Expo 2024: Revolutionizing Odor Control Technology

Sam from Prolitec introduced a groundbreaking solution to tackle malodors in various environments. Unlike conventional scenting companies that merely mask odors, Prolitec’s patented technology neutralizes odor molecules at their source. Sam demonstrated one of their specialized machines, highlighting its versatility in addressing odor issues from trash, restrooms, pets, food, and body odors. Additionally, Prolitec is a leader in ambient scenting, providing fragrances to prestigious hotel chains worldwide, including the Marriott Group, and operates in nearly 95 countries. This innovative approach enhances environmental quality and underscores Polytech’s global influence in odor management solutions.

Prolitec Tech keeping traash smells under control

Website: https://prolitec.com/

Innovative Cleaning Solutions by Aqua Tools for Solid Waste and Beverage Industries


Website: https://aaquatools.com

In an insightful video from the Waste Expo, Steve from Aqua Tools shares an in-depth look at his company’s innovative solutions for the solid waste industry. Aqua Tools, renowned for pioneering curbside cart cleaning in the late nineties, continues to lead with ergonomic and effective cleaning tools designed for solid waste and beverage industries. Steve introduces the Aqua Tools Tip Tube, a sophisticated and best-selling product designed for easy and ergonomic cleaning of curbside trash cans. He also discusses their advances in cleaning IBCs and oak wine barrels, highlighting the company’s dominant role in efficient sanitation solutions. This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in the latest advancements in waste management and sanitation technology.

Transforming Food Waste into Fertilizer with Unique Biodigester Technology

Sonny Burkett (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sonny-burkett-7b850595/), Vice President of Sales at Harp Renewables, showcasing the company’s groundbreaking technology at the Waste Expo. Harp Renewables, an Irish manufacturing company, is leading the way with its unique aerobic, waterless biodigester. This innovative machine, available in seven models, processes food waste by reducing its mass and volume by 80% and transforming the remainder into organic fertilizer.

Sony burkett with Harp Renewables

Website: https://harprenewables.com

Designed by Shane Finnegan in Ireland, the technology was introduced to the United States four years ago and has since seen widespread global adoption, with over 150 to 160 units installed. During the expo, Sonny demonstrated the simple and efficient operation of the biodigester, highlighting its benefits as a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers, with no odors produced during processing.

Exploring Superbio Compost Bags


Website: https://www.superbioworld.com

In an engaging segment from the recent Waste Expo 2024, Mr. Cheng introduces “Superbio,” a line of robust compost bags designed to cater to diverse needs, ranging from 1.6 to 64 gallons. He enthusiastically explains how these bags facilitate the collection of organic waste, which, when composted, converts into organic fertilizer, thereby promoting plant growth and supporting the carbon cycle with zero emissions. Highlighted as a superior choice on the market, Mr. Cheng, who has dedicated over a decade to research during his PhD, claims that these bags are significantly tougher and have an impressive shelf life of up to 18 months with minimal degradation.

His innovative product is readily available on Amazon and directly from his company, Graphite. This clip from the expo not only showcases an advance in sustainable waste management solutions but also highlights the personal journey and commitment of an eco-conscious innovator.

Other Images from the Waste Expo 2024

Painting of a Trashtruck
View of the Floor Waste Expo 2024
View of the Floor 2 Waste Expo 2024
Electric Trash Truck
Mack Electric Trash Truck
Yep, It’s electric!

Looking Ahead

These examples from Waste Expo 2024 illustrate how technological innovation and a commitment to sustainability are driving the waste management industry forward. From turning food scraps into fine dining to compressing waste to minimize its footprint, the future of waste management looks promising.

Stay tuned as we explore more innovations and stories from the Waste Expo 2024, highlighting how these advancements are setting new standards in the industry.

About the Expo


WasteExpo 2024 Overview

WasteExpo is North America’s premier event for the solid waste, recycling, and sustainability industry, showcasing innovative solutions across private and public sectors. Hosted annually, the next event is expected to take place from May 2025, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The expo brings together industry leaders, experts, and practitioners from around the world to network, share best practices, and discover the latest products and technologies.

Attendee Demographics

Participants include waste services companies, transportation and logistics professionals, recycling firms, and a variety of organizations involved in organics and food waste management. The expo also attracts software companies, government officials, consulting engineering firms, and professionals from the legal, insurance, and financial sectors.

Exhibits and Conferences

WasteExpo 2024 will feature over 550 exhibitors showcasing a wide range of products from recycling equipment to waste-to-energy services. The expo offers a dynamic conference program in partnership with the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) and Dr. Stu Buckner. The sessions are designed to address critical areas such as recycling, landfill management, fleet management, safety, and food recovery.

Networking Opportunities

The event provides a unique platform for attendees to network with thousands of industry peers and engage with top solution providers. It’s an opportunity to learn from experts and gain insights that can help drive business and operational success.

Commitment to Sustainability

WasteExpo emphasizes sustainability and innovation, focusing on advancing practices and technologies that enhance environmental stewardship.

For more information or to register, attendees are encouraged to visit the WasteExpo website. The expo also offers resources to help potential participants convince their managers of the value of attending, ensuring broad industry participation and collaboration.


As we’ve explored, solving the wasted food dilemma requires innovative collection strategies, technological advancements, and comprehensive waste reduction plans. Businesses that embrace these practices can significantly reduce their environmental impact and operational costs. At Reduction In Motion, we stay at the forefront of waste sustainability by continuously attending events like Waste Expo 2024 and keeping up with current trends and technologies.

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