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Green Holiday Meal Tips

By The Team | December 17, 2021
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Two great tips for a green holiday meal: Take time to plan your holiday meals to minimize food wasteSupport local businesses Minimize Food Waste from Holiday Meals Did you know that the average household in US spends approximately $1,500 a year on food that will be wasted and often tossed in the trash? Just think……

How to Recycle Better at Work on America Recycles Day

By The Team | November 5, 2021
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America Recycles Day started in 1997 and is celebrated every year on November 15 by Keep America Beautiful. Regardless of the complicated politics behind this holiday (spoiler it was created by the beverage and packaging industry – learn more here: The Litter Myth podcast via NRP’s Throughline), it’s important on this day to spread awareness…

Thoughts on Current Waste Disposal Services

By The Team | August 18, 2020
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Waste disposal is a major concern in every society – both developed and underdeveloped. Creating and running a sustainable waste elimination system with strong waste disposal services is central to the sanity and health of every nation. Hence, the focus on having a robust waste management system in place. In some cities, this is run…

How to Reduce Waste and Costs at your Business

By The Team | August 12, 2020
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According to the United Nations, over 2.12 billion tons of waste is disposed of annually. Guess what? Industrial and commercial businesses contribute to the vast majority of all the waste dumped worldwide every year. Reduction In Motion can help you with how to reduce waste; we are a waste reduction company who has helped organizations…

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Ambulatory Care Settings

By The Team | August 12, 2020
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As the coronavirus outbreak spreads globally, healthcare providers and facilities need to exercise caution in handling waste generated from caring for infected or potentially infectious patients.  When it comes to ambulatory care settings, extra safety measures are required to minimize or eradicate the virus’s risks. This is particularly regarding how best to dispose of waste…

Earth Day Guide to Reduce Waste

By The Team | August 10, 2020
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This Earth Day Guide summarizes ways you can reduce waste and celebrate Earth Day each and every day. Humans impact the Earth in many ways, but our waste is one of the most meaningful impacts. According to 2018 numbers from the EPA, each American throws away 4.9 pounds of waste per day! In this guide,…

Waste Management Planning, A Fact of Business Life

By The Team | March 10, 2018
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You Manage the Inflow and Outflow of Financial Assets; This Isn’t That Different Every facility is going to produce trash. Whether it’s a small business, a large facility (like a hospital or campus), or a huge sports stadium, managing a facility’s waste stream is just a fact of life. Basically, a proportion of what comes…

What We Do at Reduction in Motion

By The Team | February 28, 2018
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The Role of a Sustainability Consultant Sustainability is one of the primary issues — perhaps the most crucial one — of our times. At Reduction In Motion, we specialize in one aspect of sustainability: strategically developing the most efficient and effective programs for dealing with the disposal of that ever-present fact of modern life, trash.…

Sustainability Consulting in the Healthcare Sector (Medical Waste Plan)

By The Team | January 5, 2018
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Medical waste is one of the most expensive types of trash. Those red biohazard garbage bags? Budget busters. They cost up to 17 times more to dispose of than regular garbage or recycling. Let us help you navigate the right medical waste plan.

5 Easy America Recycles Day Events

By The Team | November 6, 2017
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The National Recycling Coalition started America Recycles Day 20 years ago and the celebration is now a part of Keep America Beautiful. Each year, November 15th is dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and buy recycled products. In support of this, we’re providing 5 easy to coordinate events that can help spread awareness at your facility!…