How to Recycle Better at Work on America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day started in 1997 and is celebrated every year on November 15 by Keep America Beautiful. Regardless of the complicated politics behind this holiday (spoiler it was created by the beverage and packaging industry – learn more here: The Litter Myth podcast via NRP’s Throughline), it’s important on this day to spread awareness of how to recycle better and improve waste diversion programs at your company.

To celebrate America Recycles Day at work this year, consider some of the following:


#1 – Set up an office supply swap

You know the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. Focusing on reuse by setting up an area where staff can drop off and swap office supplies. Make sure all unclaimed items are donated, such as a local school.


#2 – Host a recycling event

An event could be a pledge to replace disposable coffee cups with reusable mugs or hosting a recycling collection event for staff.  Read more about other events that you can host at work for America Recycles Day!


#3 – Know what you can recycle

The recycling industry has gone through significant change over the last few years. Items accepted for recycling in your area have likely changed. Call your waste hauler to determine accepted materials in your business’s commercial recycling contract. Share what is accepted with your team by making recycling signs or waste separation training.


#4 – Track your recycling data

richmond university recycling composting waste audit case study

Use your recycling rate to educate and empower your team. Set waste diversion goals and report progress. Your waste hauler should be able to provide your waste data separately or through invoices. Companies like ours can help you make sense of the data and help create a waste management plan for you.


#5 – Start a sustainability team!

Recruit green champions to brainstorm ways for your company to reduce waste, increase waste diversion, and go green. Companies like our can help empower your team and embed sustainability within your business.


#6 – Schedule a waste audit

waste audit sorting

We can customize an audit for your specific operation and goals. Our waste program audits can look at everything from source separation strategies, hauling contracts and equipment, staff awareness and training, waste composition profile, contamination rates and more.

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