5 Easy America Recycles Day Events

The National Recycling Coalition started America Recycles Day 20 years ago and the celebration is now a part of Keep America Beautiful. Each year, November 15th is dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and buy recycled products. In support of this, we’re providing 5 easy to coordinate events that can help spread awareness at your facility! For us, America Recycles Day is every day, if you’re looking for more added support to boost your recycling program success, let us know, so we can create a customized program fit to your needs!

  1. Coordinate a campus or street clean up! Get outside in this beautiful Fall weather while you have the chance! Bonus points if you separate materials between recycling and trash!
  2. Got too many paper clips, reams of paper, or old ink toners in your supply closet? There’s a chance that other offices or departments nearby have the same problem with their supplies. Organize an office supply swap to help clear out the clutter to put those supplies to good use elsewhere!
  3. Kick the cup! Promote fellow co-workers who have switched away from single-use cups and bottles. Bring a fun frame and walk around your office. Find anyone with a reusable mug or bottle in hand, grab a picture, and enter their name into a raffle!
  4. Dumpster dive! Yes, really. Gather some bags of trash and recycling, some gloves, and other protective wear. Set up a spot and see what’s hiding inside to evaluate the effectiveness of your recycling programs. Identify common contaminants and spread the word so people know what material belongs where.
  5. Take some time to celebrate your successes! Dress up in green, promote your recycling efforts, share other sustainability efforts to identify new champions to help the cause!

For more information about America Recycles Day, or to find events occurring near you check out: https://americarecyclesday.org/.

Celebrating the reduction of waste with waste bags and green bag