Are You Throwing Money Away?

For many, the fiscal year recently ended in June. That means, by now, you’ve closed out your budget and have started planning future budgets. Now, how many were shocked by how much you spent on waste last year? If you’re trying to better plan future waste expenditures or looking to slim your budget – keep on reading! Most businesses have inefficiencies in their waste disposal processes that aren’t easy to spot to the untrained eye. You may literally be tossing money in the trash.

The reality is that you can’t budget for something that you don’t measure. So, here’s the loaded question: Have you ever taken a deep dive into your waste disposal programs and costs? If you haven’t, chances are you’re missing out on savings. No matter your organizations industry or size, it’s likely that inefficiencies exist within your current waste program and addressing those inefficiencies may help alleviate overspending, setting you up for success with your budget while also integrating the benefits of environmental stewardship.

We’ll get our hands dirty and take the deep dive for you. We can start by reviewing your current waste data tracking system or we can help you start from scratch by establishing your waste disposal baseline. Gathering current volumes and associated costs from your current waste haulers, coupled with a review of your current bulk equipment (for example totes, front-end containers, dumpsters, compactors) and service schedules, could reveal some potential savings and slim down your budget accordingly. Reviewing these items alone will provide some insight to your current opportunities but, this is only one side of the coin.

To really reap the benefits of establishing a baseline, another important piece is to review your current waste program operations by reviewing how material is collected within the walls of your organization. You may have had the best of intentions when you provided everyone with a recycle bin, but perhaps one small step was overlooked and all your hard work hasn’t yet come to fruition.  We’ll assess firsthand to gather information about: What waste streams are you collecting and where? Have you maximized your waste flow? Is there any standard in place? Do people know what material goes in each bin? Do you have redundancies within collection or transportation? Trust us, we have seen it all – and we can confidently say that, during a site assessment, we will identify opportunities for you to focus on streamlining your waste programs and processes to identify budget-friendly initiatives.

Once we’ve established your waste baseline by reviewing both the data and observing waste flow, we’ll not only identify your areas of opportunity but we’re also happy to partner with you to implement those same initiatives to help achieve industry standards or your specific goals. Almost everyone is being asked to do less with more, so don’t wait another minute! Call us, Reduction In Motion, today at (410) 877-1593 to talk with a member of our professional trash talking team. We’ll support you along your waste journey so you don’t have to waste any more time, energy, or money- we’re the waste minimization specialists!

If you prefer email, send us an email to and let us know a little about your organization and our trash talkin’ team will create a program customized exactly for your needs!