Mandatory Food Scrap Recycling in Connecticut

Mandatory Food Scrap Recycling Connecticut Map

Starting last week, all businesses in Connecticut that generate more than two (2) tons of food scraps per week are required to send those scraps to an organic composting facility, if such a facility is located within twenty (20) miles.  Currently, there are only three (3) such facilities in the state, but they have made funds available encouraging more to be built.  If your business is located within one of the circles above, and you generate more than two (2) tons of food scraps per week, you must send those scraps to one of the above facilities.

If you own, operate or work at a commercial business in Connecticut that generates a large amount of food scraps, contact us today at (410) 877-1593.  We’ll not only help you meet these new guidelines but also help you take advantage of a growing recycling marketplace in the State.  For the past 12 years, we’ve helped organizations of all sizes with their waste and sustainability programs.  Our focus on on-site education and facilitation has helped our clients establish long-term, cost-effective programs.

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