Business Recycling is the Law in Montgomery County, MD

The Maryland Recycling Act of 1988 (MRA) requires all counties and Baltimore City to recycle 15% of their generated waste (20% for populations over 150,000). In less than 18-months, by December 31, 2015, those rates will increase to 20% and 35% respectively.

The MRA led to the adoption of municipal recycling programs across the State, with each county setting their own guidelines, designing their own programs, and providing various resources online. We previously blogged about each county’s specific recycling guidelines and options for residents, search for your county on our blog for more information.

In Calendar Year 2011, MD achieved a 48.9% waste diversion rate (45.2% recycling and 3.7% source reduction) according to the MDE. Montgomery County led all other municipalities with a 62.68% diversion rate (57.68% recycling) in large part due to their Business Recycling Mandate.

Businesses in Montgomery County are required to recycle by law.

Montgomery County’s SORRT (Smart Organizations Reduce and Recycle Tons) program requires businesses of any size to maintain an updated recycling plan to meet a goal of 50% solid waste reduction annually and file an annual report to include accurate waste data for a period of 5 years. Since SORRT’s inception, program officials have written several Notices of Violation and issued citations up to $150 per day that the violation persists. In addition to the two written requirements above, every business must recycle the following items if identified in their waste stream:  mixed or sorted paper, commingled materials, yard trim, Christmas trees, and scrap metal.

Reduction In Motion can help Montgomery County businesses exceed their recycling mandates.

Since 2002, Reduction In Motion has been working with organizations to design comprehensive waste segregation and sustainability programs complete with policies, communications, training, equipment recommendations and data tools. Reduction In Motion uniquely offers on-site program support, in-person employee training and detailed waste flow analysis and recommendations. Three absolute necessities to ensuring long-term program success. Call Reduction In Motion today for a free consultation.

For businesses trying to meet recycling mandates such as that of Montgomery County, Reduction In Motion will…

…ensure your recycling plan is accurate and updated

…conduct a waste audit and assessment of existing programs

…provide expert recommendations and on-site support to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities

…educate and train staff to ensure compliance and engagement

…track, benchmark and analyze waste data to ensure accuracy

…ensure your annual report is complete and on time

Stay In The Know as we discuss next time…

As the Zero Waste Maryland plan progresses, some counties around the State are already discussing modifications to their current waste and recycling programs.