DC Zero Waste Omnibus 2022 – Battery Recycling

With the enactment of the DC Zero Waste Omnibus Amendment, a new easy and FREE DC battery recycling program will be made available to residents and businesses for ALL types of batteries: rechargeable batteries (such as lithium, nickel, and small sealed lead acid) and single use batteries (alkaline and lithium buttons). 

Before you panic about costs or having to drive all the way to your local landfill, a free program will be made available for all DC residents and businesses. The DC Mayor signed an emergency order on December 22, 2021, delaying the Battery Stewardship Program Plan submission date to January 1, 2023. DOEE will seek regulatory clarification in the coming months, based on their interpretation of the legislation, which is expected to take most of 2022 to finalize.  

Stay up to date via DOEE battery stewardship website, for further information on the program and legislation! Or read more on the FAQ about the DC’s Battery Stewardship Law. 

Until then, read below for how to properly dispose of batteries at this time! 

How to Recycle Batteries in DC

DC has paired with an organization, Call2Recycle, to provide a free recycling program to be utilized by DC residents. This will offer businesses training, access to free collection boxes for batteries weighing 11 lbs. or less, and cell phones (with or without batteries) and program impact reports.  

The program is not currently available due to funding and other clarifications, but a tentative timeline of Summer 2023 is currently set. For where to recycle batteries in the meantime, check out Call2Recycle’s website

Until the new free DC battery recycling program goes into effect, here’s a few battery recycling tips:

  • Learn which batteries should be taped here 
  • Do not put batteries into your regular or bulk trash collection. 
  • Take these batteries to the Ft. Totten Transfer Station on the Thursday/Saturday schedule on the HHW page
  • Save your batteries for special Household Hazardous Waste drop-off events 

Get Help Starting a Battery Recycling Program

Reduction In Motion can help! Identifying safe collection sites and a department to champion the program is key, but for further insight do not hesitate to reach out to support@reductioninmotion.com.