Do you have a trashy co-worker? We can help!

Montgomery County has been a nationally recognized leader in waste diversion and recycling for decades. The county leaders have set a goal to have at least 70% of all waste generated in the county recycled and/or diverted from the landfill by 2020.  According to their press release this new goal “puts Montgomery County in an elite group of major jurisdictions which have the highest recycling goals in the United States.” In addition to a recycling/diversion rate of 70% Montgomery County’s SORRT (Smart Organizations Reduce and Recycle Tons) program requires businesses of any size to maintain an updated recycling plan to meet a goal of 70% solid waste reduction annually and file an annual report to include accurate waste data for a period of 5 years.

This plan sets the recycling bar very high for all businesses and individuals in the county but don’t let that discourage you.  Creating your plan and reporting your numbers on an annual basis can overwhelm anyone but there are resources and companies like us that can help. If you’re feeling downright overwhelmed when drafting your annual report on waste separation or unsure of where to start with an action plan to increase diversion all you have do to get started is give us a call.  We specialize in managing your headaches and we have over a decade of experience of sustainability consulting. Let us navigate you through your waste stream solution options.  To put some “proof in the pudding”, as some would say, we are proud to share one of our success stories that we like to call the “waste free zone”.

Take a minute to lean over and have a peek in your trash can…what do you see?

Did you know that the majority of waste produced at your desk, 75% or more, is all recyclable materials? If you don’t each lunch at your desk that number will likely be closer to 100%! So… why bother collecting trash in your office space at all? By swapping the majority of your collection bins from trash cans to recycling bins, it is a lot easier to reach 100% waste segregation.

Waste diversion is slowly becoming less “optional,” even if you aren’t based in Montgomery County. Not only have studies revealed that the general public is willing to spend slightly more for goods or services if they perceive the business to be “green” but new research also shows a direct correlation between employee performance and happiness with the company’s environmental friendliness.

According to the study conducted by the Charlton College of Business at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, “From an employee’s point of view, being green is better than having lots of green.” Researchers have concluded that while there is no direct correlation between the financial success and employee happiness, employees are happier if their workplace has invested in going green.

Reduction In Motion has successfully worked with clients to implement waste stream solutions, such as waste-free zones. The proof is in the numbers from our waste audit. We successfully implement this program at an office commercial space with 350,000 sq. foot commercial space with over 700 employees! That’s a lot of “waste free” space!

A 70% recycling is achievable!  Meshing waste flow with work flow is what we do best. So it is important to keep those two things in mind when we are deciding what program will work best in your space.

Not recycling at work?

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