Q&A with our President Bill Griffith

Who is Reduction In Motion?

We are sustainability consultants with expertise in waste minimization and waste flow strategies for large organizations. Programs at our clients last because we’re there every step of the way from planning and training to monitoring and tracking. We act as an insurance policy, making sure our clients meet government regulations and exceed corporate expectations. Driving a cultural change that makes sustainability a part of everyday operations is our goal, and we’re good at it. Since 2009, our clients have been recognized with 73 environmental excellence awards!

 How did Reduction In Motion get started?

I’ve been in the trash business for the past 26 years and saw companies improperly segregating their waste, time and time again. Since trash has an associated cost, I realized companies were leaving a great deal of money on the table that they often had to deal with at the end of their budget cycles versus mitigating it at the beginning. I knew I could help these facilities save money and be greener by leaning their waste flows and driving a trash culture change through education.

 I got our first client in 2002 when they switched from a regulated medical waste incinerator to an autoclave, which greatly reduced their processing capacity. Since changes were not made to the waste flow or trash culture at the point of generation, trash quickly began piling up. I came in to help implement a comprehensive waste segregation program and educate the entire facility. I helped them reduce their regulated medical waste by nearly one million pounds from nearly 40% of their total waste stream to 10%, and soon I was helping other healthcare facilities in the area and eventually grew the business to assist organizations of any industry, because let’s face it, everybody generates waste.

 Why “Reduction In Motion”?

I came up with the name when I soon learned that changing a culture inside an organization, be it at the executive or grassroots level, takes time. I also found that when you institute or start a new program and that programs becomes successful, you need to always go back to reassess and reevaluate to keep it going and fine tune. Our company logo, the nautilus, represents that ongoing process of reduction.

 What makes Reduction In Motion different from its competitors?

We are hands-on and believe in long-term relationship building. We put our people on-site to drive positive change for our clients. Some in the industry claim to do what we do, but, in our eyes, they’re just a broker. They’ll come in and find ways for you to immediately save money and share in the savings, but that’s it. They don’t establish a program for the long-term by changing employee culture and streamlining operations; they’re simply working off of a spreadsheet. Some waste haulers offer on-site education too but cannot provide our level of on-site program support.

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