Zero Waste Is Possible

Your company can achieve zero waste with the right mindset, strategy and support. Reducing waste is good for the planet and your business.

Defining Zero Waste

Zero waste is a systematic approach to rethinking the ways in which waste is generated and works to reduce overall waste generation via individual behaviors as well as large-scale practices and policies. The term may at first glance seem inconceivable but is meant to inspire a broad change. The overall aim of the movement is to prompt us to rethink the ways in which we purchase, use, and dispose of items, as well as hold producers responsible for their role in creating waste.

Is it possible?

Sustained commitments and actions are required to achieve zero waste but, there are many ways in which businesses and individuals can get started and make progress. Some organizations find it easier to reach zero given their waste composition, nature of their operations, and local waste market.

Zero Waste Mindset

…is an approach that involves changes an individual, company, or organization can make to reassess their behaviors, daily practices, and work to minimize or eliminate unnecessary or excess resources such as energy or materials.

TRUE Certification

TRUE Certification is a zero waste certification program dedicated to measuring, improving and recognizing waste performance” ( Reduction In Motion has TRUE certified advisors on our team who can help you achieve TRUE certification.

Zero Waste Movement

…is a broad approach to achieve the goal of minimizing waste generation and usage nationally and globally. It involves contributions from various groups and outlets including individual actions, businesses, non-profits, education policies, and legislation that contribute to accountability and a cultural emphasis on sustainability overall. Advancing this goal also includes investments in technology, services, infrastructure, and regulations to reduce waste, increase diversion and reaching zero more achievable.

The Importance of Reducing Waste

Waste has become so commonplace that we often forget the impact that it has on our planet. Every day, we all contribute to the production of waste. Therefore, we all play a role in reducing waste in our society. Recent developments such as China’s National Sword Policy or legislation like Maryland’s Organics Bill HB264 has raised the need for action. It’s up to us all to take steps to reduce our waste and recycle right.

Get Help Achieving Your Waste Goals

Reduction In Motion can help your business get to zero. Let us hear your goals and current efforts to see how we can help you.