TV has Gotten Trashy!

Has everyone been watching Human Resources on Pivot TV? We have, and so far we’re loving it! The show is based on the inner workings of the innovative recycling company TerraCycle. Located in Trenton, New Jersey, TerraCycle’s lineup of spunky employees are led by their CEO Tom Szaky, who founded the company at 20 years old with the lofty mission of eliminating the concept of waste.

The show avoids the usual doom and gloom statistics of the world’s trash problems and instead presents the waste problems that we all face in a fun and entertaining way. The entire staff is passionate about what they do and it’s fun to watch them turn ‘trash’ into something new.

The first episode highlights the company’s pursuit to get a coffee table book published. They plan on filling it with never before seen upcycling ideas that anyone can make on their own. What’s upcycling? It’s the practice of creatively turning an old product into a new one without mechanically breaking it down into its raw components (that’s recycling). An example of upcycling would be turning an old rusty wheelbarrow with a flat tire into a beautiful garden planter.

The second episode delves into their goal of a zero waste world. TerraCycle currently sells Zero Waste boxes over the Internet. The concept is simple. You purchase a box of desired size on their website, fill it with anything and send it back to TerraCycle. None of your box’s contents reaches a landfill. Instead, a team of scientists dedicate themselves to finding a way to upcycle anything they receive. The company’s long-term objective is to go door-to-door, something they have never done before, and try to get local small businesses on board using Zero Waste boxes.

We at Reduction In Motion are trash talkers; so we can’t get enough of the show. But for those less passionate, TerraCycle’s team and pursuit to turn trash into useable products are truly entertaining. Even TerraCycle’s office walls are made of upcycled plastic bottles! Check it out on Fridays at 10pm on Pivot.

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