Feeling the Pressure to ‘Go Green’?

The pressure on businesses to go green is red hot. Employees and community members are increasingly expecting companies to function as community stewards; while at the same time, executives and business leaders are looking to capitalize on sustainability’s public relations and cost-saving opportunities. Regardless of what has been accomplished, the pressure doesn’t let up. Companies with established sustainability programs are expected to become leaders and take on innovative pilot initiatives while companies without programs will be questioned every time a competitor develops their own.

As sustainability continues to become better understood, many companies are recognizing the cost-saving, public relations and operational efficiency benefits of starting a sustainability program. They’re understanding that going green is more than celebrating Earth Day or purchasing recycling bins but instead modifying their operations to improve efficiency and cut costs.

Therefore, the roadblock for businesses is often not ‘why’ but ‘how’. How do I start a sustainability program? How do I engage my employees? How do I make sustainability cost-effective? How do I find the time and resources needed to manage a sustainability program?

If tasked with developing or growing your company’s sustainability program, you may want to visit a trade show, consult industry peers and do internet research. Developing a plan and putting it into action will require a sound understanding of your company’s culture, local vendors and partnerships, and industry-specific best management practices. The most successful sustainability plans grow organically over time. You’ll need to stay committed to your long-term goals while achieving short-term victories. This will ensure program engagement and support from all levels of your company.

Reduction In Motion has been helping organizations achieve their waste and sustainability goals for over a decade. We’ll help you develop your sustainability business plan by providing you the right tools: policies, communications, training, equipment recommendations, and data tools. Our team will work with you on-site to implement your program and engage your staff. Contact us today at (410) 877-1593 or TrashTalks@ReductionInMotion.com for a free consultation.