Establishing a Reliable Baseline

Data:  we all want it; we all need it.

It is no secret that data drives us. From return on investment to calorie counting, data sets are helping us make better decisions at work and home. As we become more reliant on data, the question remains, “what do you do with data you can’t trust, yet from which an important decision must still be made?” Unreliable data conclusions can keep your ideas on the shelf and cost your business money and time. Reduction In Motion gets data, especially that from waste. For over a decade, we have helped our clients reign in all of their data and utilize it to make informed business decisions.

A Reliable Baseline Sets the Stage

“How can you know which direction to go, if you don’t know where you are?” Before setting goals and designing a program, a reliable baseline must be established. In the waste world, that means identifying all the various waste streams and ensuring proper categorization and disposal from the generator to the disposal site. In the data set above, prior to January 2012, this client’s recycling data was all over the map. Improperly categorized waste streams had resulted in municipal solid and hazardous waste being reported as recycling with no way of ever correcting the data. In January 2012, Reduction In Motion began working with the client to audit all of their waste streams and ensure proper categorization. The result was a consistent data trend that could be trusted. Without our help, the client may never have known their true recycling rate.

Who is Reduction In Motion?

Reduction In Motion has been helping organizations achieve their waste and sustainability goals for over a decade. We provide our clients the right tools to be successful:  policies, procedures, communications, training, equipment recommendations and data tools. Different from your typical consultant, our team works on-site with you to implement the program and engage staff on a daily basis. Contact us today at (410)877-1593 or for a free consultation.