You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

We can’t imagine this is the first time you’ve heard, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”. This is particularly important when discussing waste tracking. Waste, in general, is a pennies business, but those pennies can add up very, very quickly and disrupt your budget if left unchecked. Just as disposing of waste cannot disrupt an employee’s workflow; unnecessary waste costs should not disrupt the operations of your business.

The first step is ensuring all of your data is collected in one tool, which allows easy formatting of the data for analysis. Without this, proving a return on investment or a case for change is impossible. The magnitude of waste data can be truly overwhelming. The number of data sources we track for our clients ranges anywhere from three to twenty-five different unique invoices every single month! That means three to twenty-five different points-of-contact that you must interact with regularly. In addition, each invoice can contain up to fifty different data points that must be tracked!

If you are not tracking all of this data effectively you will not be able to…

  • Understand the true cost of your waste streams and identify all of the various fees and charges.
  • Ensure you are being properly billed.
  • Correct those billing mistakes.
  • Report progress on waste-related initiatives.
  • Determine a baseline or the opportunity for cost and impact reduction associated with waste.
  • And, simply understand the impact waste is having on your budget and business.

Even if you are tracking all of these data points, understanding what all the data means or simply identifying targets and opportunities is difficult without expert knowledge. Reduction In Motion prides itself on our ability to pull together all of your data sources and utilize the data to help you make cost and impact reducing decisions. We know how to interact with all of your vendors to get the required information. Analyzing waste data is also a forte of ours. We’ll ensure you’re being properly billed and utilize the data to make changes that promote long-term cost savings. Our data reports are great tools for reporting progress and getting the support needed to introduce new waste-related programs.

The very first service we offer potential clients is a review of their waste invoices to determine cost savings opportunities and establish a baseline. Contact us today via (410)877-1593 or to discuss how we can get this process started for you today at no charge.