Top 5 things we’ve heard….

Have you ever started a sustainability program but hit a road block when it came to getting it up and running? Program implementation can be frustrating, even for the most experienced of managers. Below are the top 5 problems we’ve heard from our clients in the past 12 months, if you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, give us a call, we can handle these headaches for you.

Top 5 things we have heard…

1) How much am I spending on trash?

It all starts with a baseline and if your organization doesn’t have one yet, we will be happy to develop it for you, all you need to do is connect us with your haulers and/or waste vendors and we will do the rest! We will even throw in a FREE onsite evaluation to identify opportunities that will optimize your waste diversion efforts.

2) We need a partner to tell us what works and what doesn’t when it comes to waste separation programs.

We’re the perfect fit to support program management from assessment to implementation. We’re professional trash talkers, we know how to do it the right way from the beginning so there is no wasted time and energy on your part.

3) My current recycling program has lost momentum and needs help.

Our team is the right team for the job! We’ll be there in person to engage with your staff – it’s never too late to press the refresh button to get staff excited again! We’ve been doing this for 15 years and are always coming up with new ways to get people excited about talking trash.

4) I need higher-level support.

Trying to be sustainable and get new programs initiated is admirable but oftentimes you can’t make anything happen without support from the top. We have set up countless leadership councils and know who to bring to the table to get the conversations started about sustainability and waste diversion and begin making a real impact.

5) I need support at multiple facilities, not just one.

Piece of cake, we’ve got you covered. If your organization has multiple locations and they are all doing something different when it comes to waste handling, we know how frustrating and messy that can be. We have seen it all and know exactly how to standardize a successful waste diversion program and roll it out seamlessly across all your facilities.

Every day we help change the way people think about trash. No project is too big or too small. We are happy to customize programs to fit your needs and we will deliver A+ results. In our world, it can all start with just one trash can. We truly believe that together we can make a more sustainable future. Click here to send us an email or call us today at (410) 877-1593.