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In our trash talking blog, we write about trends, tips, and issues in the waste and environmental sustainability world. We hope you'll find something useful to help your company be more sustainable. If you want us to explore something or ask a question, contact us!

Why Isn’t All Plastic Recyclable?

By The Team | July 11, 2013
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Recycling sure can be confusing.  Why is it that some plastics can go into your recycling bin but not others?  In order to fully answer this question, we must first explain the recycling process. As represented by the three arrows in the recycling symbol, recycling involves three elements: collection, manufacturing and reuse. The three elements…

Oyster Shell Recycling

By The Team | July 5, 2013
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Did you know you can recycle oyster shells? We all know that the health of the Chesapeake Bay has been suffering in recent decades and that includes its oyster population. Here is a sobering fact: The Chesapeake Bay has lost more than 99% of its native oyster population and each year continues to lose more…

All About Styrofoam Recycling

By The Team | June 27, 2013
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According to the EPA, each year Americans throw away 25,000,000,000 Styrofoam cups. Even 500 years from now, the foam coffee cup you used for your coffee this morning will still be sitting in a landfill. Styrofoam products are easily identifiable by their numbered recycling symbol. All Styrofoam cups and containers must be rinsed and cleaned.…

Understanding Recycling Drop-Off Sites

By The Team | June 20, 2013
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Single-stream recycling makes curbside recycling at home much easier, but not everything that can be recycled can be put into these bins, as shown in last week’s blog. Each MD County Recycling Center¬†offers drop-off sites for various types of waste and recycling that can’t be collected in your curbside bin. Whether you’ve got electronics, yard…